SMO SAM Project

The road to compliance, efficiency and savings starts with reliable and accurate documentation and discovering optimization opportunities

Objectives of SAM projects differ.  Best practice is to get the most reliable technical and commercial inventory possible, match those with a SAM tool into an effective license position whenever needed. Automation is a big helper but it is not possible to get along without processes. Then roles and responsibilities are important. If you do this on your own you might end up stopping the project for good.

When people from various departments need to work together it is not an easy task to effectively design an efficient process which works. With more than one location and/or country it does not get better. To save your day – or as Germans would say ‘to get the cow off the ice’ – it is indeed a good idea to get someone from the outside to help identify pitfalls, design your software asset management, get people, stakeholders and sponsors together, and push the project seamlessly into your everyday IT operation.

Advantages of an SMO SAM Project at a glace

Use principles of commercial caution

SAM is a continuous risk analysis in accordance with the principles of commercial caution. If processes are in place and work, figures will be accurate. Only then SAM is part of an ongoing company wide risk analysis and you can get current states of compliance when you need the information.

Nothing will work without processes

First take care about your ITIL / IMAC processes. They are the heart of your IT. These processes need to be adapted in order to 1. get information as soon and 2. to get this information as possible. One example is a desktop computer which will be retired. Do you get this information? Is this device really out or in a closet (with all software still installed)? If you get the information before you order new software which was installed on this device, you save. Otherwise you do not. If you do not know, what is the state of compliance for the relevant software titles? You cannot say!

Therefore without processes in place compliance and improvements will not be possible.

Keep an Eye on Your Software – Surprises NOT Welcome! Accuracy and completeness - at any time - that's the objective.

Not very exciting. But essential.

Further services

SMO Audit SAM Services

Time pressure! But even so, correct and good results?
When manufacturers send audit letters they usually want an answer yesterday. Surely today these letters are not unexpected, right? Well, at least we know that there are many

Such letters always comes at the wrong time. There is never a right time for such tasks. Most often customers are in the middle of something … new migration of… Will they wait until that is done? Be assured: No, they will not! Most often you are legally bound by contract and so they have a right to request compliance information.

SMO Audit SAM Services assist your so it will not feel as a rush and results are submitted completely and correctly within the prescribed time – if they did not say ‘yesterday’. Finally we will initiate a discussion about license optimization and future contract design between you and the publisher.


SMO True Up SAM Services

The annual True Up is imminent but competent staff is not available?

To meet deadlines in case of true-ups or contract renewals, the necessary reports should be prepared early enough. Procrastination is not possible. If deadlines are missed, benefits are gone.

The SMO SAM expert team creates all necessary documents within a very short time. Completely and accurately – at your service.


SMO M&A SAM Services

How do you know the price is right?

You buy a business or your business is on sale? Important now is to prove that the price tag is right. Maybe there are unknown license claims – worth thousands, millions …?

In addition to compliance there may also be corporate governance problems and/or a strained atmosphere.


SMO SAM Project

Neben Gesamtprojekten für einen oder mehrere Hersteller gibt es SAM Projekte für spezielle Bereiche: Virtualisierung, Non-Production/ Entwicklung, SQL Server Workloads, Cyber Security, Mobile Device Management, Cloud-Readyness.

Necessary basis for planning and optimization

Know your risks and keep the drivers seat.

SAM processes are essential. In this respect, it is necessary to obtain insights and document these current SAM processes to suggest improvements. Therefore we suggest a SAM project before implementing a SAM tool.

In addition to complete SAM projects for one or more publishers there are special SAM projects: virtualization, Non-Production / Engineering, SQL Server workloads, cyber security, mobile device management, and cloud-readyness.